Standard Size Clean, Fresh & Laundry Style Scented Sizzlers (Simmering Granules)

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Our standard size sizzler packets are approximately 55 grams.

Colours vary depending on scent. For example, the scent in the picture above is watermelon. 

Please choose your scent from the drop down menu, here you will find all of our fruity type scents.

As always, keep away from children and animals, individual clp information is to the reverse of the packaging. 

⭐️ Our sizzlers are handmade in small batches, packed with care and sealed with love in the north east of England.

This is a handmade item so colours and styles may vary. 

All of our fragrance products are CLP compliant. We ask that you please take time to read the labels to minimise any risk with allergens/allergies. 

Please note- we are in no way affiliated with any brand names, products or designers. Although some of our scents may smell similar to well known products, they are not copies and we do not intend to give that impression.