Car Freshener Diffuser

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liquid car air freshener/diffuser in your chosen scent. these come as single units. The colour of the top will vary and is completely random. 

These products are augeo based and depending on the fragrance are loaded with up to 25% fragrance oil. There is a clp label to the rear of the bag and the front is blank for your logo.

please take care not to over saturate the diffuser top, once the stopper cap is removed, tightly replace the top and spin for a maximum of 3 seconds then return to the upright position. To further avoid any leakage we recommend you replace the plastic bung once the wooden top is damp, again, we recommend wearing gloves. 

Allow time for the scent to diffuse through the cap, do not repeatedly dampen. 

we recommend you wear gloves whilst handling this product, keep away from pets, children and all painted surfaces.