4 Random Wax Bars £5

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These wax bars are chosen randomly from current stock. Unfortunately they are pre-packed so we cannot take requests. 

some of the scent boxes include, but are not limited to...

lenny daffodil , Jamaican me crazy, flower bomb, aliens, freshen up, lemon sherbet, apple bon Bon, non stop lavish, non stop bliss, kreed, flashy bath, doves, baby powder and more! 

This is a handmade item, colours and styles may vary. Some of our wax bars contain glitter, most contain colour and mica. Each bar weighs a minimum of 50g  

As always, keep away from children and animals, individual clp information is to the reverse of the packaging. 

 please note- due to the nature of the item, some may crack/break in transit, this item needs to be broken to be used and we do not recognise this as a fault. This does not affect your right to return and should you wish, you can return all the products for a full refund still. Because this is a multi pack, all 4 bars would need to be returned in an unused and unopened state. 

⭐️ Our wax is handmade in small batches, poured with care and sealed with love in the north east of England. We have spent over 3 years perfecting our wax melts and we hope you enjoy melting them, as much as we enjoyed making them for you ⭐️

All of our fragrance products are CLP compliant. We ask that you please take time to read the labels to minimise any risk with allergens/allergies. 

Please note- we are in no way affiliated with any brand names, products or designers. Although some of our scents may smell similar to well known products, they are not copies and we do not intend to give that impression.