Sizzlers (Simmering Granules)

Our best selling products across the board are our simmering granules (sizzlers) 

we offer standard packets (approx 70g)

and mega bags (approx 300g) 

Sizzlers are a highly scented, salt based alternative to wax melts. You should not add anything else to your burner and always ensure your burner/warmer is fully clean and dry before adding your sizzlers.

Sizzlers do not melt and are therefore easier to dispose of, leaving little to no mess behind. 

All of our fragrance products are CLP compliant, clp is shown on the outer packaging and each scent is unique. 

Always follow your burner/warmer instructions and safety information. 
Check for any hairline crack or damage before use and ensure it’s clean and dry.
NEVER use a tealight larger than advised and ensure your burner is for wax melts and NOT oil. 

If you are unsure, always opt for a 2hr tealight, 4hr maximum as 8hr ones are often too large for standard burners.